Rookie JR-2 Pink boot

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This moldable carbon composite boot is specially designed for young skaters new to the competitive sport of speed skating. The boot offers excellent support and confidence to lean in the corners and use your outside edges.

Besides a renewed logo design, the second generation Rookie boots are improved on numerous points to become the number one inline speedskating boot for children:

  • snug fit around the ankle for more stability
  • higher top offer more support
  • softer boot collar to avoid blisters
  • speed lacing for easy fastening and quick adjustment
  • scuff guard around toe box to increase lifetime
  • new carbon composite layup to increase durability

Sizes 32 and 33 have 150mm mount spacing,
34 and up are mounted with 165mm separation.

JR2 Pink or Blue now runs up to size #40

Boot mount options multiple thread holes
Boot degree of stiffness Medium stiffness+more comfort
Boot moldability heel+ankle
Boot mount spacing fix 165mm
Boot mount spacing var No
Boot shell construction glass-carbonfiber
Sports level competition