Hyper Xenon - Sold in set - 8 wheels

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Xenon – it’s Elemental

With a legacy of world speed records and leading-edge innovation, the power trio of Cádomotus, Hyper Racing and Mariani come together to supply you with the Xenon – the all-around standard in high-intensity workout wheels. Blue-sky training habits start with pushing yourself to your limits. Xenon’s got the right stuff to take your training to the next level, a brilliant combination of the best Hyper Racing race-proven 6-spoke hub, and a compound based on their Hyperformance +grip (PGR+G) formula. It’s the best house-wheel on the market, coming standard on all of our skate packages. Whether your training to dominate the road or track this season, this is the wheel that’s got what you need to build and maintain your winning season foundation. Xenon wheels are sold exclusively by Cádomotus and Mariani.