The Adaption HiLo-5 Frame

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Adaption. It’s the alteration of the basic structure or function of parts that allows for technological advancement. At CadoMotus, the laws of The Speed of Intelligent Motion dictate our commitment to ongoing modification; to fit our skate wares to a dynamic, ever-changing skating environment. With the rise of our technological advancements comes the need for simplicity. Our new Adaption line take advanced concepts and lay them at your feet on your own, uncompromising terms: to be equipped to be the best, the strongest and the fastest skater you can be. Simply put, the new Adaption line is fitted to the need for speed and agility, meeting the demand for the outcome you desire – performance at the highest possible level. 

The Adaption HiLo-5: Re-engineered from the ground up to be as light and stable as possible for sure-footed response for the young and nimble. With a lower center of gravity and lighter overall weight, these are the frames for those who need the speed response that only a more agile lift-load can offer their strides. Adorned in the new electric-cyan blue Team CadoMotus colors, these frames build on our tradition of providing high-end function and form in astonishing ways. Our state of the art milling technology and revolutionary production process gives your skater the most advanced equipment possible.

For competitive inline speed skaters looking for a lighter, more stable and easy to handle set-up than 4x110 configurations.


Frame alu alloy WT3|7***
Deck height 110/2 + 52 = 107mm
Frame boot mount 195mm
Sports level competition, professional, elite
Frame profile semi-solid
Frame stifness Firm
Wheel setup N/A