Form > fit > feel > finish line. Your inline speed skating boot is the intersection between technique and technology. It’s where the two come together to create your competitive advantage. The precision of your movements, the timing of your stride and the pressure of your push need a platform to allow for maximum energy transfer through your frame and wheels into the road, track and floor. Our stock boots mold to your foot, giving you comfort and fit that give you ultimate control, rivaling the world’s best-made custom inline skate boots, at a fraction of the price.

Your feet work hard, they deserve to be treated well, without the pain and pinch you’ve come to expect from other boots you’ve owned before. Our stock boots are made to become one with your foot, to provide you with a power-base to harness the energy your falling motion creates. Through your boot, the skate becomes an extension of you, and you'll soon realize the benefit of enlightened design that our world team has used to dominate the field.