About us

Cadomotus speedskating

What is Cadomotus?

We are the pure speed skating company. Pronounced "Kä-dō-Mō-tŭs," our name refers to the 'falling motion of the body' and the name, like our company, represents our classical, science-based approach to the speed of intelligent motion. The falling motion of the body is the essence of skating in its purest form. To capture the essence and infuse it in everything we do is what drives us to continually innovate in the name of progress. We’re forever falling-forward for our sport.

Who are we?

We are speed skaters. Inline and ice, long track and short track, indoor and outdoor, road and track. From pure speed skating roots, we are the designers of high-performance speed skating technology that originates and has been at the forefront of speed skating since 1990. The speed-minded design team at Cadomotus has been behind radical departures from tradition that continually redefine speed skating on many levels and in all its forms. Our products are engineered from our own experience-based concepts: skaters and designers who  have turned concepts into world record-breaking vehicles powered by the human body. We innovate, never imitate, because it’s our mission to propel the sport forward, not cash-in or cash-out on skaters for the sake of commerce. Our patented DualBox® advancements have raised the bar for inline speed skating frame design and performance, and our NSX active steering tubes have tamed the ice for longtrack and marathon ice skaters, delivering improvements in glide over ice. With Cadomotus we seize every opportunity to do things differently, to employ and make industry of all our 'ideals' – what we believe in and those features we’ve longed for in equipment - to create a brand and build a culture that is simply intelligent motion.