The Pure Speed Skating Experience

The pure speed skating experience

Pure speed skating is your passion, born from the very depths of your being, focused and released through intelligent motion. It is humanity at high velocity, for those that strive for more. It amplifies ambitions, it arrests inhibitions and it simplifies the definition of you.  

Strengthening your stride and improving your glide, these things matter, more to you than anyone else. Whether you are a recreational Inline Skater, Inline Speed Skater, Longtrack or Shorttrack Ice Speed Skater, Marathon Speed Skater, Nordic Blader, or XC Free Skiier, you are one with your skates - they are an evolutionary extension of you.

The elegance of nuanced, precise movement -- The grace of bio-fluidity – The power of purposeful push – You take these things to another level, going faster and further than most will ever know, boldly going beyond the limits imposed by conformity and the mainstream.

If you belong to the worldwide culture that is skating, you belong to a world of motion, speed and freedom that knows no borders. You are always moving forward, you can be anywhere and go anywhere.

If you’re living and breathing skating or if you're just getting started, you’ve found a home. We employ athlete-based and user-based research and development. We listen to skaters, our partners, our dealers and our distributors. We take an active role in the lifestyle, the culture, the sport and the industry.

We use our experiential expertise to design, develop and produce the best skating equipment in the world. Everyone involved in the conception, development and distribution of Cadomotus knows skating intimately. Our products are born with you in mind, to give you the freedom and performance to know no limits and to explore all the possibilities that skating brings. We are athletes, competitors, fitness enthusiasts, cross-trainers, thrill-seekers, adventurers, recreational skaters…we are you.

When we are skating we are human movement at its finest, over road, ice and snow. Cadomotus is human experience, creation, freedom and innovation. 

Looking for inspiration?

We made to inspire you to get in motion, and to give you access to gear that make everything you indulge a pure skating experience. Check out the activity menu above, and click your way to the skating you'd like to be doing.

Find your line and go with the flow…