Argon 4-wheel frame

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The Cádomotus Argon frame is unbreakable in 7005 aluminum, and unbeatable at the right price. Designed to bring maximum value for minimal expense, it’s the new standard for growing skaters - a simple, straight forward four-wheel set-up, this is the same chassis design in higher-end frames, with the quality you expect to pay many-times more for. In our updated Cádomotus blue, this frame is perfectly paired with our Rookie JR2 boots, allowing you to build a reasonably-priced skate for your young skater to grow into. Combined with Cádomotus Resizer soles, the Argon frames and Rookie JR2 boots make for a high-quality, durable and dependable skate that will carry your skater through their formative years! We’re putting the highest priority on skater development and accessibility to top quality gear. There’s no reason to look further or pay more – quality, value and performance are the pillars of motivation here.

Frame alu alloy 7005
Deck height 90/2 + 58 = 103mm
Frame boot mount 165mm
Sports level newspeed, competition
Frame profile semi-solid
Frame stifness Ex-Firm
Wheel setup 4x90