MPC StormSurge XGrip

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By Popular demand MPC is bringing the storm surge to the old black turbine hub, which is more flexible and has a better performance on the rain than when we made the Storm Surge on the Turbo hub. This is a dual layer wheel and will be offered in only one hardness X Grip as the intended use of this wheel is grip in the rain or wet pavement rather than anything else.

Let it rain! With MPC Storm Surge, you’ll own the road in the rain, accelerating and out maneuvering all competitors slipping, sliding and falling on lesser wheels. HERE’S THE VIDEO PROOF! StormSurge TURBO wheels have a larger foot print, offer more contact with the asphalt, thus more grip and more roll thanks to the harder outer layer - MPC Storm Surge have no equal - MPC Storm Surge have no equal.

The Storm Surge wheel offers more grip in wet conditions than any other wheel, ever, period.

Simulate dry-road conditions by rolling EX-FIRM on all the wet roads you race this year.

The bottom line…if you don’t have a set of MPC Storm Surge in your bag, and it rains on race day, you’re finished.