Rookie SR-2 boot

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The SR2. You've heard the buzz, now bring the advantage home for yourself with our SR2.

What's the secret?

Maximum control and freedom, for full range of motion. This is the boot for power skaters who live the sport, every single day. They've got the gold-medal skill, heart, discipline and the intelligence that require only the very best to support the pursuit of their dreams. The SR2 delivers the control and stability you need with a heel pocket that clamps around your foot to lock you in, and a collar that keeps the ankle tightly positioned to achieve the optimal angle of attack in your push. And you'll be free to focus on form and speed because this is one boot that won't pinch or cause hot spots in pressure points. There's no cutting corners, just taking them low and fast, and this is the boot to take full advantage of your abilities as you forge a gold medal season and go beyond your known limits.

  • snug ankle fit locks in your foot
  • higher top offers greater staibility
  • softer boot collar treats your foot well
  • scuff guard around toe box increases lifetime
  • new carbon composite layup to improves durability
Boot mount options longitudinal slide slot
Boot degree of stiffness Stiff-hard at ankle+good control
Boot moldability toe+heel+ankle
Boot mount spacing fix 195mm
Boot mount spacing var No
Insole size N/A
Boot shell construction glass-carbonfiber
Sports level competition, professional